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Employment Law

Illinois and federal employment laws are designed to protect employees and businesses. But understanding those laws, and using them to your advantage, is not necessarily simple. The Law Firm of Scott B. Sievers, P.C. works with employees and businesses to find workable solutions to even the most complex problems. Attorney Scott B. Sievers helps clients to protect their interests both in and out of the courtroom.

Employment Law for Businesses

Every business must adhere to relevant employment law to protect itself from costly litigation. It is important for any business, especially those starting out or those about to make major changes, to consult with an experienced employment law attorney beforehand. Attorney Scott B. Sievers can help you develop a plan that keeps you in compliance and provides long-term protection.

Employment Law for Employees

Employment law provides a leverage point for employees to push back against unlawful treatment by an employer. Attorney Scott B. Sievers works with employees throughout Illinois to set things right with employers who break the law.

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The Law Firm of Scott B. Sievers, P.C. is here to answer your questions and give you the representation you deserve. Whether you need insight into Illinois employment law, or you are interested in pursuing a lawsuit, attorney Scott B. Sievers can help. Contact him now to learn more.